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Yachting in Dalmatia for the Upcoming Holiday

The Dalmatian (or best known as Croatian) coast, as well as all its islands are probably the most famous in the Mediterranean region.

If you were thinking on how the spend the upcoming holiday, whether in high or low season – yacht charter Croatia is always an excellent choice.

As almost all the Croatian islands are almost uninhabited and wild in their surroundings, a holiday spent on a yacht there – is the picture-perfect.

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Before preparing and getting ready for the impeccable trip you are longing for a long time – you most definitely need a great start by choosing the proper yacht for you and your fellows. As Croatia is one of our most admired destinations for sailing, the team of Book2Sail has carefully chosen the best yachts at the most affordable prices for you. Without spending tons of your precious time dealing with searching and budget planning – just leave this part to the professionals.


Plan what to see and do during your sailing holiday in Croatia

No matter what you choose to see and do during your yacht charter in Croatia – probably is the right choice. The trips that most of the sailors and yacht – lovers usually choose are the marvelous islands that are rich with appealing waterfronts, pebbly islets and lots of history to see and learn from.

While most of the visitors start their yachting trip in the well-known charter basis – Split, Dubrovnik and Kastela; there is much, much more to see and do in this lovely, unparalleled beauty.

As the experienced sailors, would say – there are some places you just don’t want to miss during your wonderful upcoming trip.

Most often, the top spots that you should include in your trip begin with Masinica – the small anchorage known for its attractiveness and quiet setting. If you already imagine yourself relaxing on a quiet, yet lovely beach under an olive tree – then you should write down this harbor on your itinerary.

If you are eager to sense the historical part of the coast, the next spot should probably be the Vis Town, where you will be fascinated by the beautiful stone buildings dating from the 16th century.

Not so far away from Vis Town you can find the lovely Korcula (also known as the little Dubrovnik) as well as the must – see islands of Brac and Hvar.

If you like to enjoy some rural fishing time while you are yachting in Croatia, then you wouldn’t want to miss Komiza – a picturesque village that will freshen up your spirit and fill up your energy.

For the art and history lovers – mixed with lots of vegetation, Mjet Island is also a mus-see during a yachting adventure.

No matter what places you plan to visit while in Croatia, don’t go before you taste some of the dynamic nightlife and lovely cuisine – something you should experiment with in this lovely holiday spot.

Sadly, you must come ashore at some point. Luckily, there are pretty much endless things to see and do at this lovely coast. Having this in mind, you can peacefully step off your yacht and begin planning your next holiday in Croatia.

Have a nice trip!

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