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Why Uniforms Matter For Your Restaurant

If you are a restaurant owner, making sure that your employees look good is key to the road of success! Presentation matters greatly because how people look when they serve food matters just as much as the food quality itself. Visit your local restaurant uniforms in Irvine, CA to seek the perfect uniform to represent your restaurant.

A quality uniform shirt and appearance makes a world of difference for a restaurant in the eyes of the customer. First, the staff immediately come across and appear professional. Second, a good uniform design standardizes employees so that variances and difference don’t stand out as much from one person to the next and become distracting. Third, a uniform provides an immediate brand presence for a restaurant in the eyes of the customer, something they remember again and again when they think of having a particular meal in the future. All of these factors contribute to customer interest and, more valuable, customer retention for return visits and sales.

Quality uniforms also hold up well under regular use and washing. One of the key problems with letting people wear what they want in a restaurant business is that employees will often wear their old, worn clothing that doesn’t look good. No surprise, they don’t want to expose their good clothing to the work environment or potential stains. However, the side effect is that the staff then look unprofessional at best and potentially unclean at worst. A standard uniform eliminates this problem and related perceptions entirely.

The second issue restaurants have to watch out for is that even if they choose a uniform, cost often drives them to use a low grade quality product. This will backfire because the fading and wearing of the fabric will appear very quickly after only a few washes and uses. Then the restaurant’s name and brand will be associated with a ratty-looking shirt or outfit, creating a negative appearance versus a memorable one. Instead, a little bit of investment in a higher grade uniform can go a long ways, last through many washes, and display the restaurant’s name and reputation in a positive light.

So, again, restaurants should utilize uniforms as much as possible when it is feasible for the business to do so. Standardization of appearance as well as the marketing benefits will pay for themselves over time with increased customer retention and sales. And restaurants should be willing to invest in higher quality uniforms versus the lowest quality available. Spending a bit more should be considered an investment in the business, not just a consumable expense against the bottom line.

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