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Why Get a Pontoon Boat?

Many people who are unfamiliar with pontoon boat dealers and their vessels assume that pontoon boats are just something used in wetland areas or on lakes. In reality, pontoon boats are versatile crafts that can handle quite a bit of different water regions as long there aren’t ocean type waves, and even then they can generally do just fine on calm days.

They don’t look like a regular boat, but in practice pontoon vessels have a very simple, basic design, they are easy to navigate and use, and they can easily handle and board a good number of people with plenty of space to stand, sit and move around. In fact, it’s not surprising to see people navigating a lake or wide river are on a pontoon with additional lawn chairs and a BBQ going on board. Try doing that with a regular boat.

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The design of the pontoon for modern consumer use is not a new one. It was in fact improved and really made popular in 1974 when Hurricane started putting out a V-style boat design but still included the flat top deck that make the vessel popular with group boating. Pontoon boat dealers at the time saw an immense interest and demand for these boats, and the design has carried forward to this day, some 40 plus years later.

For the area of the vessel above water, pontoon boats are quite snazzy in their look. Any impression that these vessels look like something from a floating barge movie is completely blown out of the water. Instead, they have sleek rail systems, modern vinyl-covered seating, pull over canvas roofing, and heavy duty industrial carpeting for the flooring surface. Most importantly, the usable area of the boat deck maximizes space, functionality and enjoyment of the boat. There’s no balancing act trying to get from the back of the boat to the front without falling in the water as is typical with most sail boats or being stuck in a one-spot bucket like a typical motor boat.

As anyone working for pontoon boat dealers will attest, these vessels are very mobile and easy to navigate. The ride is very stable, and a typical pontoon boat turns with very good response, even with considerable speed applied. Yes, it will be a wider turn than a similar-sized motorboat, but the turning radius of a pontoon boat is very manageable and far better than common rumor would say otherwise.

And the best aspect of a pontoon boat is how versatile it is. Whether used for group fishing, a party on the water, basic family boating, or just having your own spot with a BBQ and no one else to bother except maybe the family dog, pontoon boats are the way to go with plenty of room for equipment, an ice box, fishing rods, and even a portable TV if you figure out how to power it out on a lake (although that might be a bit extreme).

So there’s plenty of reasons to consider a pontoon boat but you really need to try one yourself, and then you will be convinced.


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