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Types of Ray Ban Lenses

Ray Ban is without any doubt, the most popular sunglass brand that you will find in the world. From normal people to celebrities, all of them prefer to wear Ray Ban glasses. Ray Ban sunglasses are the most popular among millions of people all around the world. The main reason behind the popularity of this brand is the variety of lenses and design that it provides to its customers. Some of the types of lenses that it provides to its customers are highlighted below.

Classic lenses: Classic lenses are those lenses which were used in the starting of this brand and since then these lenses have maintained their demand and popularity among most of the users. These classic lenses are made available in green and brown color. Green lens blocks the blue light from entering in your eyes and provides you with clear vision, whereas brown lenses offer great contrast in low light areas.

Gradient lenses: Gradient lenses are the lenses which are darker from the top and lighter from the bottom. The uppermost portion of the lenses will be darker and the tint fades away as it runs down the bottom of the lenses. The shade is done of the lenses to protect your eyes from the direct sunlight.

Mirror lenses: Mirror lenses are the most modern types of the lenses that we can prefer to use. These mirror lenses are the special types of lenses which act as a mirror and reflects most of the light that might be blocking your vision as well as provide you with proper vision directly into the source of the light.

Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses are the lenses which have vertical polarized coating. The work of this coating is to reflect the most of the light and provide you with better vision. These types of lenses are great for sport as they reduce the strain on your eyes, by reducing the amount of light that enters in your eye.

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