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Three Requirements You Should Understand if You Want to Drive for Lyft

Want to earn some extra income on the side? More and more people are turning to rideshare services like Lyft in order to do so. But if you want to drive, there are a few requirements in place for you to apply and be accepted as a driver. At https://www.ridester.com/ not only can you find out those requirements, but also learn about the company culture and what options are available to you (full and part time) when you apply. So who can apply and what are the base requirements? These are a few. 

1. How old are you? – 

In order to apply to be a Lyft driver you must be 21. You must also possess a valid US driver’s license, which does not have any points or penalties pending on it. The license must be held for a period of at least one year prior to being able to apply to drive for the company. In certain cities, such as NYC, criminal investigation background checks are going to be conducted during the time of application as well. 

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2. What’s your record? – 

Not only do you need to have a clean driving record, but background check is also run. You can’t have more than three moving violations on your license, a DUI, or other major violation on your record (within the past three years). In terms of background check, you are not going to qualify if there are major crimes or violent crimes on your record, felony, drug offense, or sexual offenses. Other limitations may be in place depending on state or city which you apply when working for Lyft. 

3. What car can you drive? – 
Full vehicle inspections are also required. You can’t drive a 1970 car with 200,000 miles on it which is falling apart. Your car must have valid plates and current registration has to be up to date as well. Brakes, oil levels, and all car maintenance should be up to date and the car should be in safe operational condition for you to drive on the road. The car must have four doors, there must be no major body damage present, and all cars must be a 2005 model or newer when filling out a new application to drive for Lyft. Engine, suspension, and brakes must be fully functional, the car must have functional seat belts, and all lights must be in proper operational condition at the time of your vehicle inspection in order for you to qualify to work as a driver for the company. 

Again, every state is going to have different rules in place, pertaining to licensing, violations, or other vehicle standards. So when you do apply, make sure you are familiar with any individual rules which are in place, to avoid having your application sent back and having to wait a longer period of time for approval. Lyft drivers can make additional income on the side, for those who are considering possibly applying for and becoming a driver, these are a few of the basics you should know before you apply to drive.


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