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Things to do before you Move House

Moving house is by many thought to be incredibly stressful and draining, a time in which is dreaded by most. It doesn’t have to be this way though; there is lots of help readily available to those moving including but not limited to removals and storage services from https://www.top-removals.co.uk/. There are some things in which those moving have to do on their own though, and today we are going to be listing just some of the things that those moving must arrange in advance to make both moving and life much easier and less stressful.

Things to do in advance to moving

Get your mail re-directed

Before moving you must ensure that you have set-up your mail to get re-directed to your new address, this will enable you to protect your personal information from identity theft. There is usually a small charge for this, but it is definitely worth it as it avoids important paperwork falling into the wrong hands

Inform your banks

Inform all banks, building societies, insurance and financial companies that you have dealing with about your move so that they can update their records. Keeping the relevant people informed will allow them to get hold of you in the case of emergencies and will also stop important documents and paperwork from falling into the wrong hands. You can typically inform banks and companies regarding moves by sending a simple letter.

Get your new home insured

Whether you are renting or buying your new house, it is incredibly important that you ensure that insurance is in place prior to your move. You need to protect your possessions and belongings against loss and damage both during and after your move. As soon as you know the details of your new home you can inform your chosen insurance company and schedule your new policy to start at a date chosen by you.

Take meterreadings

Before you leave your current property you need to remember to take final water, gas and electricity meter readings and to notify your suppliers, otherwise you could face being billed for someone else’s utilities. This is incredibly easy to do as most utility suppliers have change of address forms on their websites for customers to complete. Not only this, but you should also ensure that you have utility suppliers in place for when you move into your new house.

So much more

These are only some of the things that you should complete before you move house too, but hopefully this information has given you a head-start and pointed you in the right direction. Other things that you should do before moving including changing your details on the electoral roll, moving your TV licence, moving your TV and broadband, applying for parking permits, arranging child/pet sitters for moving day and finishing the food in your freezer!

We wish you much luck, and hoe that you have the least-stressful, most-enjoyable move possible!


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