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Take A Culinary Tour of Europe with Restaurant Sinclair’s In the Map Menu

Situated in the beautiful garden of Montreal’s hotel St-Sulpice, Restaurant Sinclair celebrates the rich, culinary heritage of Europe every day.  A gastronomic fusion of new and old, these dishes will excite and tantalize your senses.  And this celebration is no more apparent than in the luxury eatery’s seasonally shifting menus.

Take, for example, their In the Map menu. The Restaurant Sinclair Old Montreal “In the Map” menu is a vast whirlwind of flavors featuring dishes from a wide variety of international cuisine.  Image result for Take A Culinary Tour of Europe with Restaurant Sinclair's In the Map Menu


The appetizer menu, for example, features:

    • Soup du jour
    • Parmesan corolla with a puree of caramelized onions served with field mixed greens and root vegetable julienne topped with candied apricots and roasted pecans
    • Fresh shredded Atlantic crab “Phillips” with citrus and coriander served with a spicy mayonnaise and curry crumble
    • Quebec foie gras flash parmesan foam with a trimoline of fresh strawberries and white balsamic
    • A cromesquis of warm goat cheese with tarragon, honey, and old-fashioned mustard served with a red bell pepper coulis and arugula


The main dishes could also include:

    • Seared “Hudson Valley” duck breast with seared/crispy skin served with an apple jam, a smoked sour cream and finished with Argousier berries
    • Striped sea bass in a coriander fish stock served with a confit of fennel and roasted cherry tomatoes alongside a zucchini tagiatelle
    • Slow, oven roasted rabbit served two ways—leg “Stanstead” and ballotine—with a maple glazed heirloom carrot puree, served with an organic carrot butter, and old-fashioned Dijonnaise sauce
    • Canadian Coast “Snake” prime rib with stewed onions and homemade pickled onions served with a blackened onion meringue, a field mix of little garden sprouts and a sautee of wild mushrooms
    • A duo of lightly seared fresh Japan scallops and sliced Spanish chorizo served with mashed butternut squash and a minced royal hazelnut brown butter emulsion


You should also know that desserts are available but are made fresh daily. Also, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes are also available. Be sure to also take a look at the accompanying wine menus or fancy an adventurous libation from a Restaurant Sinclair mixologist, too.

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