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Sinclair Restaurant’s A La Carte and Lounge Menus

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The Restaurant Sinclair A La Carte and Lounge Menus offer quick bites with big flavors.


Sometimes you want to order a few items.  Consider combining these appetizers and main dishes.

Appetizers could include:

  • Soup of the day
  • Fresh frayed and poached skate wing served Tartar style with a Napa cabbage and Granny Smith apple remoulade, and a Meaux mustard and Kent mango vinaigrette
  • Homemade Gnocchi with spinach served in a creamy tarragon sauce with ricotta crumble and a parmesan tulle
  • Quebec Duck foie gras served Torchon-style with marbled black truffle pesto,  a Corinthian grape and pear chutney and dry fig toast
  • Yellowfin tataki served with spicy black sesame mayonnaise, wakame, and fresh bok choy tempura
  • Savory French tart served with blue cheese crumble and caramelized onion mashed potatoes, an apricot confit, and roasted pecans

Main dishes could include:

  • Grain-fed chicken ballotine served with stuffed langoustines, lemon basil cream, saffron rice and Caponata
  • Fresh Market fish (Catch of the Day)
  • Slow-roasted Quebec boar medallion with pistachio-Panko crust and a pistachio wine reduction
  • Alberta “Black Angus” steak served with smashed Gabrielle potatoes, and a smoked marrow-bacon butter
  • Canadian-Atlantic lobster served with seasonal vegetables in a Thai Soy Sauce


From 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm you can partake in these delightful bar plates:

  • Mixed nuts sprinkled with smoked paprika and served with sautéed arugula
  • A selection of “Beau de Provence” olives:  vodka-drenched and served with minced almonds

For something a little more substantial, consider these plates:

  • Small plate of traditional Canadian beef tartare (80g) with an arugula salad, croutons, and your choice of seasonings/dressings
  • Pressed Fresh Atlantic crab served with a coriander mayonnaise and a curry crumble
  • A selection of 3 Quebec cheeses served with chef’s choice condiments and Bagel St Viateur chips
  • A selection of cured meats served with marinated vegetables, Dijon mustard, and Kalamata olive tapenade

And for bigger appetites, consider these entrée-sized plates:

  • Grilled Canadian beef burger served with aged cheddar, atop a brioche bun; with fried potatoes a la Provencale and mesclun
  • Club “Sinclair” Sandwich with grain-fed chicken, Proscuitto chips, tomatoes, and arugula atop a ciabatta roll and served with homemade fries
  • Quebec duck confit with maple & Yuzu Grilled cheese sandwich served with mesclun and a citrus vinaigrette
  • Grilled & marinated calamari served with a fresh basil pesto and tomato salsa “all Puttanesca”
  • Cromesquis of warm goat cheese served with tarragon, honey, and old-fashioned mustard along with arugula and a red bell pepper coulis
  • Smoked salmon mille-feuille served with bagel chips, sour cream, dill, and Spanish capers; Napolean style.

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