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Preserve Your Biggest Win From Your Trip to Las Vegas

 Las Vegas is one of the world’s premier tourist and vacation centers.  Its dramatic setting, 24-hour activities drive-thru wedding chapels and scandalous history make it one of those places that is on nearly everybody’s “bucket list”.  And as a major tourist mecca, Las Vegas is truly a “must see.”  But while you’re there, don’t get so caught up in the moment that you forget to capture those special sights and sounds on camera.  Image result for Preserve Your Biggest Win From Your Trip to Las Vegas

As tempting as it might be to spend your entire vacation budget soaking up the entertainment, or playing the one-armed bandits remember to bring home a unique memory of your trip to Vegas with plenty of pictures.   Then use a Groupon for Shutterfly to create a customized collection of your photos in an album or on a memory platter, calendar or cup that will commemorate your personal visit.  Shutterfly can compile your selected photos into an amazing album that will document your visit to Vegas beautifully.  And you can use a Groupon to order an album designed to your specs from Shutterfly for 50% off the standard price.  You can also use a Groupon promo code to get a Shutterfly photo album designed and ready within three business days. 

On your next visit to Las Vegas make certain you take plenty of pictures, and not just those of the traditional tourist sights.  Try taking some unusual photos and get some pictures that will make it clear that this is your trip and not one that anybody in the local phone book might have taken.  See that all of your friends and acquaintances are included, and be sure that you identify those in the photo, since somebody many years later might be asking you “Who’s that person next to you?”  The Shutterfly Groupon you use today will be worth more than its weight in casino chips many years from now, when you share your memories of those sights and adventures in Las Vegas with another generation.  You will find that a photo album, picture mug, key chain or other item that reflects your great time in Las Vegas will be something you will enjoy telling many people about for years to come.


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