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Plan the Perfect Trip to Germany

Beer, palaces, medieval towns, art galleries, and Brandenburg Gate can all be found within the country of Germany.  While many people find all these things fascinating, most people would gladly forget about all of them except for the beer that they would just have to purchase inside one of the century old biergartens.  

Route Perfect can help anyone plan the perfect Germany trip and people can also do some of the research on their own and find some places that they must go to as they are exploring the country.  

Here are a few attractions that everyone must add to their Germany trip itinerary:

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

This gate was built in 1791 for King Frederick William II and it was the first Neoclassical structure in the entire city. The gate is twenty-six meters high and has six columns, of which the center passage is reserved for royalty.  This gate used to be part of the Berlin Wall, but now it stands in place as one of the most iconic structures in the city.  

Cologne Cathedral

This is the cathedral of both St. Peter and St. Mary and it was constructed beginning in 1248.  The interior of the cathedral has 6,166 square meters of space, including the infamous Three Kings Chapel with the 12th and 13th century stained glass windows.  Visitors can catch a glimpse of the Reliquary of the Three Kings, which is a 12th century work of art made using gold by Nicholas of Verdun.  

The Black Forest

Hikers will rejoice as they walk along the trails within the Black Forest valleys.  Some of the favorite places to see in the Black Forest include the old ski area, the spa of Baden-Baden, the Black Forest Railway, and the Black Forest Open Air Museum.  

Neuschwanstein Castle

Walt Disney knew what he saw was special when he first laid his eyes on the spectacular Neuschwanstein Castle and that is why all his theme park castles are built quite similarly.  This castle was built between 1869 and 1886 by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and people can take one of the many tours that go through the Throne Room, the Singers’ Hall, and many other areas of the fantasy fortress.  

Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland is a railroad enthusiast’s dream come true.  The world’s largest model railway can be found here and there are more than 12,000 meters of tracks, 890 trains, 300,000 lights, and more than 200,000 human figures set in place.  

While the sights in Germany are fascinating the beer is even better and most people will find themselves in a biergarten enjoying a pint or two, all tired out from their day of adventures.  There is nothing wrong with that as it fully completes a perfect Germany trip.  


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