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How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Long Trip

Keeping kids entertained on a long road trip can feel a bit like trying to herd cats, but it’s possible to keep your kids from getting too restless. You just need to prepare beforehand to make sure you’re ready for the inevitable boredom before it comes!

Here are a few tips to keeping kids entertained in the car:

  • Portable Entertainment Systems

If you’re driving in an SUV, that’s the ideal arrangement because most modern SUVs have a lot of USB ports in the back. Older kids can plug in their personal devices, and you can plug in a portable entertainment system, like a DVD player or movie screen, for younger kids. This can help them watch their favorite cartoons and keep calmer for a while. Many newer SUVs like the 2017 Nissan Murano will have plenty of USB drives to go around.

  • Bring Games

Card games work really well in the car, but other games that don’t require a stable board can also be played. There are all kinds of fun games you can do in the car, so get your games arsenal ready ahead of time!

  • Choose Books

Kids that love to read may be able to pass the hours by reading their favorite books in the car. If your kids get carsick easily, stick the reading and look for fun ebooks you can all enjoy as a family instead. This way even the youngest kids to enjoy the books.

  • Get an Interactive Playlist

Music is a lot of fun in the car, and can keep you and your kids entertained for a while. Choose songs they know and can sing along with. Don’t just pick your favorite music, but make sure they’re in on the fun too!

  • Make Pit Stops

Kids get restless and bored when they’re forced to sit in the same place for too long. Make sure you’re taking frequent pit stops when needed. These don’t have to be long stops, just enough to get out and stretch your legs before returning to the road.


Traveling with your kids doesn’t have to be a horror story! Make sure you’re prepared ahead of time to keep things as smooth as possible with an many entertainment possibilities as possible on the road.

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