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How to Choose a Colour Scheme for Your Wedding

What colours should you have within your wedding décor? It might seem like a simple question, but it can be an overwhelming choice with so many hues to choose from. The colour scheme of your wedding will set the mood for the overall décor and will influence the mood and the atmosphere – so it’s something that bears thinking about. When you are decorating your Chester wedding venue, it’s probably a good idea to start with the colour scheme and go from there – as it will influence all of your other design decisions.

Here are some tips for choosing the colour scheme for your special day.Image result for How to Choose a Colour Scheme for Your Wedding

Let the Setting Influence You

Location is everything.

Consider what hues you’d love to use, and whether you’d need to organize finding the ideal scene or having your dream colour scheme. In the event that you discover a setting that you cherish, however it doesn’t match well with your colour scheme you’ll need to switch up a tone or two so you don’t break your budget on attempting to conceal the way that it doesn’t coordinate.

Draw inspiration from your surroundings and see how they can inspire your wedding colours. For example, a wedding by the sea might include ocean blue and sandy beige tones, while a forest wedding might have greens and berry hues. Take a venue like Carden Park near Chester, what kind of colours can you use to bring out the beauty in that location?

Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Trends

Don’t feel like you have to have the hottest modern colour scheme for your wedding, if it doesn’t fit with your personality. You can look at the Pantone colour of the year and you can see what is hot on Pinterest and Instagram, but at the end of the day you want your wedding to be a reflection of your personality. If you choose something just because it is trending you might find that it looks dated in a few years time and you will wish you had chosen something else.

Consider the Season

Much the same as your closet, your wedding colour scheme can depending on the time of year when you’re stating “I do.” Think about the shade you need to use to draw out the season in your palette. Pale and gentle tones of pink, green and yellow will be perfect for spring, while bright vibrant colours and primary colours are great for summer. For fall, dark colours, muted browns and rich blues and purples pair well with other gem tones, and blush and silver are a really lovely winter combo.

Try not to hesitate from using hues you cherish however on account of “rules,”. Light pastels and scarcely there tints, similar to buff, can work for a fall or winter wedding. The trick is to focus on texture, and perhaps get a more grounded complement hue.

Think About What Looks Best on You

After all, you’re the bride so you want your wedding colours to complement your looks! It is important to think about what “your colours” are so that the palette will complement your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. You probably already know this because you are aware of which clothing and makeup shapes look best on you. You can probably figure out the right wedding palette for you simply by looking at the types of colours that you are drawn to in your clothing and jewellery choices.

However, if you aren’t then you can figure out your colour profile and whether you have cool or warm undertones. For example, if you have a cool skin tone you may look better in pale pastels or light tones, while those with a warm skin tone will look better if their wedding colours are warmer, richer hues.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right colour scheme for your wedding. However, there is no right or wrong answer and the right colours for your wedding are really up to your personal taste. After all, it is your special day and the décor choices you make will reflect you and your partner and what you like. So, choose the colours you love and surround yourself with beauty as you celebrate your lifelong union.

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