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Fuel Saving Tips for Your Boat

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You’ve decided to install a heating system on your boat but you are worried about the additional strain on your fuel. The rising gas prices are not helping either. You can easily compromise the need for a heating system with several energy saving measures to ensure you are not spending too much on gas. The following are some of the most effective fuel-saving tips you can begin to implement immediately;  

  • Clean the Bottom of the Boat

When cleaning the boat, ensure that you regularly remove the plants and scum that can accumulate at the bottom of the boat. The extra friction they cause then increase the amount of fuel you need to burn to propel the boat. You might even want to consider antifouling paint if your hull is paintable.

  • Cruise Gently

When cruising, apply only as much power as you need to plane. Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t cruise at top speed since pushing the engine to its limits can waste a lot of fuel. Also, when cruising, try to make as few throttle adjustment as possible. Using the boat’s optimum cruising speed is a great way to save energy.

  • Be Attentive to Your Drop

Irregularities with your propeller can cause turbulence or cavitation. If your propeller is a three bladed screw consider switching to four. This will allow you to plane quicker, stay on plane even at lower speeds and even get more power at the same RPM. If you don’t mind the lower speeds of a four-blade propeller, they are better way to save on gas.

  • Pay attention to Your Navigation

It is also important to know the area you are cruising properly. This will save you a lot of time spent wondering around the water trying to reach your destination. Use all your navigation tools to ensure you are certain of where you are going before the journey even begins. This will particularly be helpful on large bodies of water where distances are harder to accurately measure.

  • Turn off the Heat When you Don’t Need it

When you’re heating system is not in use, you may find that you save a lot of fuel by turning it off. Of course this will only be possible if you choose a heating system that can be adjusted. When choosing a heating system, enlist the help of a boat stove fitter with the experience to help you choose the right system. A professional can help you not only select a solution that will be fuel efficient and cost effective, but also one that can be adjustable according to your needs.

Make sure that you select a system that is cost effective both in terms of installation and fuel efficiency. But you must also consider how effective the heating system will be to you based on how you will use it, for how long you will need to use it and the type of fuel you will be using.

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