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Easy Ways To Tenderize A Tough Cut Of Beef

Nothing disgust one like biting into a chunk of beefsteak, just to find out that it is as strong as a gristle. Tell me, what’s worse than a tough meat in a delicacy?

It has a lot of times happened to us, and this is as a result of not taking time to soften our beef. However, your days of being clueless are over, now you don’t have to go through needless jaw exercises to enjoy your delicacy. Here are 5 best techniques for tenderizing your meat, making it easier to bite and chew just like the delicacies you do enjoy in top-notch restaurants like Rib ‘N Reef.

#1: Pound it

Beating the meat using the mallet is a remarkable way to tenderize your meat. The drawback is if not done well, it can turn your meat into a much. But using special tenderizing tools will get the work done without much spoil to the meat texture.

#2: Marinate with acid

This is another effective method that helps to tenderize the meat. Soaking the meat in a marinade made with buttermilk, lemon or lime juice will help break down the tough proteins available in the meat. While this is a sure way to tenderize, many have argued it also adds flavor to the meat.

#3: Use Fruit enzymes

Fruit items can also help break up the proteins, fruits like, Asian pear, Papaya, pineapple are enriched with enzymes that help marinate the meat. Have in mind some of these fruits will leave your meat with some fruity seasoning and taste, make sure you go for a favorite. Fruits like pineapple contain strong enzymes, make sure you don’t leave your meat for too long.

#4: Salt it

This is method has worked for ages and still works, although some might argue salt can make the meat drier. Soak your meat in salt for at most two hours before cooking it is effective. Be sure to rinse off the salt thoroughly before cooking. This is like the most common method chefs use.

#5: Cook for long periods

Cooking your meats for a longer period of time is another tremendous way to tenderize your meat. Make sure you are cooking at a low-temperature heat, a slow cooker is preferable for this method. The tough fibers and tissues will break down and will leave you with soft meat to cook, but overcooking might make the meat even tougher.


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