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Does Filipino Traveling Abroad Require A Travel Insurance?

The Philippines have started to make its place on the traveler’s map. It has become a massive tourism hub in the past decade. However, Filipino they prefer to travel abroad more than domestically. While many are regular travelers in the country, not many purchase travel insurance in the Philippines when they’re traveling. And it is beyond my understanding why a person wouldn’t treat travel insurance as an essential for traveling abroad, let alone domestically.

It is great to think positive and hopes that nothing goes wrong on your upcoming trip, but it is reckless not to make arrangements in advance if something does go miserably wrong. You may have planned your itinerary down to every minute, booked your hotel rooms and you may even carry a tiny first aid pouch if you’re hurt. But, the question is whether you’re prepared to bear the losses if your luggage gets stolen, your flights get canceled or if you’re involved in an accident while on the trip.

Travel insurance will cover your stolen property costs, booking cancellations, and minor medical expenses too.

I would say that it is the smartest thing to get a travel insurance in today’s day and age because it is easy on the wallet. Moreover, travel insurance can be modified, and you can get added features too, but for higher premiums of course. Most of the policies would cover the losses that are caused by external forces like theft, accidental damage, flight delay and last minute commute expenses. The travel insurance cost differs according to your travel history, age and purpose of travel.

For instance, if you’re a regular traveler, you can get annual travel insurance from the company according to your needs and specifications. In other cases, where you don’t travel so frequently, you can get a travel insurance for every trip. In some cases, you can get an insurance coverage for the entire family that is traveling.

For insurance companies, a family consists of two adults and two dependent children. However, a group insurance is very different from a family insurance. The embassy of some countries might not necessarily approve of group insurances.

One important factor is the purpose of your travel. If you’re planning to go an adventure trip that includes plans of scuba diving, cliff jumping, river rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving, etc. and other adventure sports that may include higher risks of accidents, then it’ll automatically boost your premium rates.

Another factor is your age. Some insurance companies only provide travel insurance for individuals aging up to 65 or maximum 75. While a few might provide insurance for people above 75 but their premiums are much higher.

Filipino must keep in mind that in some cases it isn’t compulsory to have a travel insurance, but while applying for a visa in countries like the Schengen region, it is important to have a travel insurance only by Schengen-approved insurers.

It is not only necessary to have a travel insurance, but also easy on the wallet. Stay tuned for more updates on traveling abroad and Filipino opportunities!

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