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Checking Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

 For many of us, our annual holiday is the highlight of a year, and something we look forward to. We want to spend some amazing, quality time in a beautiful hotel. More frequent travellers spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, so they want them to be comfortable.

Whichever reason it is that you’ve decided to stay in a hotel, the last thing you want to deal with is bed bugs! Hotels often advertise cleanliness as one of their biggest selling points, but bed bugs could still pose a serious problem.

We’ve put together this great guide on how to check your hotel room for bed bugs!

  1. Do some research – Get on your computer and check that hotel out! Other guests will definitely report if there’s been a bed bug infestation. Read through as many reviews as you can before you book your stay. If bed bugs have been mentioned more than once, we advise you look for somewhere else to rest your head!
  1. Don’t put your luggage in the room on arrival –Once you get into your hotel room, leave your bags out in the hall, or put them in the bath tub to keep them safer. Suitcases are the best way for bed bugs to move from room to room, so doesn’t let them jump on board.
  1. Be a detective – Give the room a really good going over. Especially in the bed, on the bed frame, headboard and mattress. These are bed bug hotspots, so you’ll find one there. And if there is one, there is more! Look out for the tell-tale signs of bed bugs, like small brown and red stains on bedsheets.
  1. Be even more of a detective – Bed bugs are tiny, so they’re really hard to find. If you even slightly suspect the room might have bed bugs, don’t be scared to investigate further.
  1. Check everywhere – Just because there’s no bed bugs in the bed, doesn’t mean they’re not in the room. Look in the tiniest spaces around the room. It’s much better to be safe than sorry!

If you do come across any bed bugs during your search, notify hotel staff immediately. Let them know what the problem is and ask for a new room. Any professional hotel will call in the exterminators immediately once an infestation is found.

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