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Fuel Saving Tips for Your Boat

You’ve decided to install a heating system on your boat but you are worried about the additional strain on your fuel. The rising gas prices are not helping either. You can easily compromise the need for a heating system with several energy saving measures to ensure you are not spending …

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Why You Should Rent a Car While Traveling?

Over a couple of years ago, most people have changed their perception towards owning a car and swiftly preferred other modes of travel due to the high costs that come with owning a vehicle. The ways of transport that people have shifted to include bus travel, train and sometimes making …

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Ijen Crater

Ijen plateau or known as Kawah Ijen is very advised to mountain fans and hikers. The Plateau was at one time a big active crater, 134 sq km in area. Ijen is silent, but the active volcano and the landscape are dominated by the volcanic cones of Ijen and Merapi …

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Cruise Vacation – What To Keep in Mind?

A cruise vacation is one that is dreamt of by many of us. For many people, it is their ultimate dream. Dubai cruises offer a variety of things for you to enjoy such as luxury service, one of a kind shopping experience, gourmet meals, and the chance to travel from one place …

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An Island Lover’s Guide to the Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos are a small archipelago consisting of 40 islands. Located to the east of Cuba and north of Haiti, this group of islands remain relatively unexplored compared to the rest of the Caribbean. Not only will you be able to book a luxury resort or your own …

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