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Be Well Informed About Malaysia before Making Travel Plans

Summary: Malaysia is a tropical paradise, a place to have a relaxed vacation or a fun-filled one according to one’s preference. However, it pays to know more about the country before travel and make use of discount offers.

Malaysia, in the tropics, is the perfect destination for a wonderful vacation in the Sun. It has ancient rain forests dating back to 130 million years with a rich biodiversity. Travel a few kilometers and you come to its lovely beaches. This ecological diversity is matched by ethnic diversity with the country being home to Malays, Chinese, Indian and people of European extraction. It reflects in the food available here. There is never a dull moment when you are in Malaysia.

Then there are little things to know that will certainly help a lot during travels across Malaysia. It pays to keep in mind that majority of the population is Muslim and respecting their customs will help you keep on the right side, especially if you visit during Ramadan month but there are no rigid restrictions in place.

One can drink, especially the fine Irish Stout but not in public. Beer is taxed heavily but if you buy them on Tioman, Labuan and Langkawi, you benefit because they are tax free. You pay less for hotel because tax on tariffs and some consumer goods is nil or reduced on these islands.

English is not the first language but it is widely spoken so communications may not be a problem across Malaysia. As for money matters, the currency is Malaysian ringgit. There are plenty of ATMs spread across the country and one can exchange dollars for ringgits with ease. Besides, most establishments accept credit cards but you may have to pay an additional fee.

Travel to Malaysia is easier for some nationals because US citizens and citizens of some countries can enter without visa and stay for 90 days. When it comes to flight tickets and accommodation in Malaysia, it is best to look for Goflyla expedia coupons that get a discount, helping tourists save money that they can spend on other things or enjoy a budget tour of Malaysia.

Speaking of touring Malaysia, the places to visit are of course Kuala Lumpur, a heady and spicy mix of cultures, noises, smells and sights followed by Penang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Malacca is another such site. A visit to the islands is a must as is a visit to Borneo, a nature paradise. Then there is the Cameron Highlands that are cool and full of tea plantations, a colonial experience.  

Wherever you go, make sure of accommodation and pre-book them using coupon codes to enjoy discounts.  Travelling within cities means, making use of taxis or public transport. Taxi drivers can charge high fares so it is better to bargain and fix the fare in advance or just use public transport.

Malaysia can be a wonderful experience if one goes well prepared and with some knowledge about local people and their customs as well as the places to visit.


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